Aluminum door manufacturers avoid risks and need to operate at low cost

  • 2018-07-31

  • admin

Aluminum door manufacturers generally entered the era of low profit. In order to avoid market risks, some chose to take the road of transformation and innovation. Some chose to take the road of narrowing the scale of operation. No matter which way, aluminum door manufacturers have to choose low-cost operation. road.

First, reduce the cost of promotion.
In today's market environment, it is unrealistic for aluminum door manufacturers to use the same amount of return and carpet to promote the cost. The market's tearing down the brand label is almost the same product, which can't attract consumers' attention in a short time. In this case, it is better to lower the untargeted promotion cost and focus on the research and analysis of the target customer's needs.

Second, adopt a rapid integration strategy.
There is no doubt that the homogenization of today's products is serious. The shortcut for low-cost operation of aluminum door manufacturers is to analyze and sell the hot items that competitors have listed. It is not a simple mechanical imitation, but an integration of the advantages of the aluminum door manufacturers themselves, and the flexibility to leverage the force to quickly integrate into the market, so as to avoid risks and reduce detours.

Third, reduce product positioning costs.
The low-cost operation of aluminum door manufacturers is generally water-saving and power-saving, saving the cost of raw materials and reducing the cost of labor, etc., and will rarely consider reducing the cost of product positioning. Aluminum door manufacturers can try to re-position products, concentrate their financial resources to refine the core selling points of their products, re-enter the old products into the market with new positioning and packaging, and improve product sales, instead of using invisible bottomless advertising investment. Increase the operational risk of aluminum door manufacturers.

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