Two types of connectors between upvc doors and frames

  • 2018-09-09

  • admin

There are two types of connectors between upvc doors and frames: hinges and hinges.

The hinge is also known as the hinge, and the official name is the hinge. Often composed of two folds, it is the part that connects the two parts of the object and makes it move.

A hinge, also known as a hinge, is a mechanical device that connects two solids and allows relative rotation between the two. The hinge may consist of a movable component or a foldable material. The hinges are mainly installed on the doors and windows, and the hinges are more installed on the cabinets. The materials are mainly divided into stainless steel hinges and iron hinges. In order to make people enjoy better, hydraulic hinges (also called damping hinges) appear. It is characterized by a buffer function when the door is closed, which minimizes the noise generated by the collision with the cabinet when the door is closed.

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