Aluminum Horizontal Sliding Windows

  • 2018-10-14

  • admin

The aluminum horizontal sliding windows has the advantage of not occupying the indoor space, and the appearance is beautiful, the price is economical, and the sealing is good. With high-grade slide rails, you can push it flexibly. Equipped with large pieces of glass, it not only increases indoor lighting, but also improves the overall appearance of the building.

The aluminum horizontal sliding windows is slid on the track on the window frame by using a sash equipped with a pulley. The advantage of this window is that the window does not occupy extra space in the switching state, and the structure is relatively simple.

Aluminum horizontal sliding windows are generally most suitable for high-rise buildings with more than two floors, because the opening method is push-pull, and the windows are not outside like the casement window. In order to avoid high-rise falling objects in the windows, the sliding window is most suitable for tall buildings.

aluminum horizontal sliding windows

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