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  • 2018-10-26

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Do you feel difficulty in choosing a new window? Do you want to pick the right window, which suits your home and offers several benefits? If yes, then you can make use of the below mentioned windows buying guide. This helps you choose the right windows style for your home.

The window style actually refers to the way in which it works. In the market, you will avail two main windows styles such as sash windows and casement windows. The sash windows are sliding over one another with the help of pulley system whereas the casement windows open through a hinge. These two windows styles are highly popular among people and they come in various different forms so that you need to choose the appropriate one based on your property type.

Sash windows
Sash windows usually made from one or more sashes/panels that usually move typically. This window also has the ability to combine the traditional style along with modern energy efficient technology. It is crafted by different materials and available in several varieties. It includes wooden sash windows, timber sash windows, sliding sash windows, aluminum sash windows, Victorian and Georgian sash windows.

However, people highly use upvc sash windows due to below reasons:
Reduce noise pollution
Amazing durability
Enhance home security
Reduced energy bills and window maintenance

UPVC Sash Windows

Casement windows
This window is typically operated with the help of side-mounted hinges. This means it can function like a door instead of sliding up and down as the sash windows. It is widely considered as the extremely energy efficient windows. It is always designed with the modern appearance so that it suits well for the newly built homes. It is usually made from timber wood and upvc.

At present, double casement windows are highly popular among the people because of the following reasons:
Energy efficient
Better security
Enhance home appearance
Allow fresh air into your house
Available in several designs

Aluminum Casement Window

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